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Knowing your STYLE personality often helps you to see how others see you and what effect you may have on the people around you. Your style often reflects what you stand for and together with your choice of clothing you build your personal brand. I believe personality is the main driver of your style and that style is really just your personality showing up on the outside of you!

So often we think that colours and body shape are the key factors when it comes to our personal STYLE discovery however I have come to experience over and over again that STYLE personality influences what you wear, what you feel good in, and what gives you confidence. Who we are as a person, our experiences and lifestyle  will affect our choices. Most times before I meet a  client I have already assessed their personality STYLE by doing a STYLE assessment.

I always enjoy reading through the answers as each and every client is unique , with different goals and inspirations. Understanding and helping each and every client to express  their authentic self through the power of clothes is  what I Iove about being a image consultant/stylist. What we feel on the inside should radiate on the outside and this is what makes my profession so exciting as I have the wonderful opportunity to be apart and assist my clients on their STYLE journey. I honestly believe that STYLE personality is the number one key to finding clothes that make you look and feel good. This does not mean we don’t factor in colour and body shape these are most certainly important elements to any successful STYLE journey but not nearly as important as personality STYLE which will influence each and every decision of the journey.